How to check WhatsApp backup?

Posted : 14th Jun 2022

To secure your messages and to prevent the risk of losing your messages along with your mobile phone WhatsApp backups has come into the picture. You can restore your messages from WhatsApp backups. They are useful if you lose or replace your phone.

How do I access my WhatsApp backup?

Steps to access WhatsApp backup on Google Drive:

Open the Google Drive app. Tap on the Menu option.

Tap on the “backup” option.

From there, you will be able to view the WhatsApp backup under the “Other backup” section.

By tapping on the dotted menu bar, you will have the complete opportunity to either “Delete backup” or “Turn off backup”.

Steps to access WhatsApp backup on iCloud:

Though you cannot access WhatsApp messages directly through the iCloud platform, the procedure is not impossible. You can create a WhatsApp backup on iTunes utility and safely access it through the Dr.Fone phone recovery App.

Steps to access WhatsApp backup on iTunes:

You can access WhatsApp backup on iTunes via DR.Fone now. All you have to do is click on the link to download the app on your Mac computer and follow these steps:

Connect your Device (iPhone to the PC).

Select the Restore WhatsApp button.

Restore WhatsApp message backup to your iPhone/iPad.

How can I read my WhatsApp backup in Google Drive?

WhatsApp automatically backs up all your messages and media file to your phone’s memory daily. You can change the settings of your phone so that you can restore your messages to Google Drive.

The steps below will help you to read messages which have been backup with Google Drive:

Delete and Reinstall WhatsApp on your Android devices.

Tap on WhatsApp to open it. Log in using the same phone number that you used to link to WhatsApp earlier for taking the Google backup.

WhatsApp will automatically identify the backup. Tap “Restore” and your chats and media will be restored in no time.

Where are WhatsApp Backups stored?

The exact location of the files depends on which operating system of your phone and WhatsApp backup software you used.

WhatsApp Backups stored in iPhone

Store WhatsApp Backup in iCloud

iCloud Drive is a popular online storage platform that can be used to automatically backup all WhatsApp data.

To store WhatsApp via iCloud, go to the settings app, tap on the Apple id button and choose iCloud.

Next, find WhatsApp on the app list and activate it if you haven’t yet.

After you finish logging open your WhatsApp go to the Settings menu and select chats, then chat backup.

You will have several options such as running a backup at that moment, defining the intervals of regular backups, and deciding whether to backup multimedia.


Store WhatsApp Backup in iTunes

Connect the phone to the computer via a cable, unlock the phone, and launch iTunes on your computer. You should click on the device icon and then click on the Backups button.

When you use iTunes to store your WhatsApp messages, they will be kept locally on your computer and you can find them on the hard disc. To find this data you will need to open Library, then go to Application support, then choose mobile sync, and Backup.

WhatsApp Backups stored in Android

People who install WhatsApp on their Android phones have a big advantage, as their messages will be stored locally on their phones. Local backup is saved daily and this feature is automatically active. It is also possible to save chat manually at any given time.

Can we read WhatsApp messages from the backup file?

The only way to access these backup messages is by using WhatsApp on your phone and restoring chats to the same account. You can also access your WhatsApp from your Google Drive settings.